Title: I Will Sleep
Pairing: Up to your interpretation, but I wrote it with Monaboyd in mind.
Rating: PG13 for implications?
Genre: ANGST
Warnings: implied death.
Feedback: We wants it. We wants it.
Disclaimer: In no way am I implying this has ever happened/will ever happen, unfortunately I in fact do not own the characters, no offence is intended blah blah blah.
A/N: I usually loathe and detest first person monologues in RPF or FPS, but I'm in a foul mood and this appealed to me.

I will sleep, I will sleep until I wake up with you in my arms again.

I will sleep until I can feel your warm breath on my skin again.

I will sleep until I can taste the sweat on your skin again.

I will sleep until I can smell you again. Heady? Spicy? Vanilla.

I will sleep until I can hear your voice whisper in my ear again.

I will sleep until there is no longer a grave bearing your name.


I guess that'll be forever then.
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